It is my life’s goal to help others learn what took me years to understand. I have a desire to guide individuals into managing and living a healthy lifestyle disease free. It is my passion to help educate people on the simplicity, positivity, and healthy energy that comes from doing right by your body.  

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Holistic Wellness & Fitness Coach

Hey y’all! I’m Chelby!


I am the professional behind NEOMIX and I hold a strong passion for working with the community and helping individuals live a healthier life.  I find great joy in helping those make it a priority to stay active during every stage of life and find foods that fuel their body to live disease free.

I focus on nutrition, strength, flexibility, balance and muscular endurance to improve quality of life- working with all ages and fitness levels.. NEOMIX focuses on meeting individuals where they are in their journey, allowing me to help them achieve their health goals. NEOMIX brings a special positive energy that helps making healthy living choices fun and exciting.  Allow me to help you jump start your fitness journey!

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