• Chelby Smith

Healthy Quarantine Snacks.

We are all dealing with a change in our normal routine and daily activities, which could mean moving less than we normally would and more time for eating and snacking. "Working from home" may be our new normal but meal prepping is still essential. In addition to preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner options snacks are a key component to staying on track.

With a little more down time it can be easy to gravitate towards things you would not usually reach for or consume more in one sitting. I have a few snack options for you to consider during your next grocery store visit.

Hummus with your choice of dipper such as pretzels, carrots or cucumbers.

Avocados are a great healthy fat that you can turn into guacamole as a snack or season with my favorite everything but the bagel seasoning.

Rice Cakes with peanut butter. Also tasty with honey and a sliced banana.

Nuts such as pistachios, cashews and almonds.

Be sure to measure them out.

Brownie Bliss to curve that sweet tooth: Click for recipe!

Let's choose wisely together!

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