• Chelby Smith

Meal Prepping Strategies

How do you feel about meal prepping?

Are you too busy?

Not interested in eating the same things day after day?

Guess what? Meal Prepping can still be for you!

One of the biggest things that comes along with meal prepping is prioritizing.

I'll give you a few ideas to think about for the week ahead.

  • Take time to think about what type of meals you want for the week. What ingredients do you already have? Try to use items you already have in your cabinets and think of meals you can you use similar ingredients to reduce waste.

  • Think about your schedule for the week. Do you already have dinner plans with friends or family? Does your job plan on catering lunch? Will the kids have late evening sporting events? This will help figure out how much you should purchase at the grocery store.

  • Batch-Cooking is one strategy that helps me each week that saves time, energy, and helps reduce waste in the kitchen. You're able to cook in large batches and switch up your meals throughout the week. Some items that are helpful to batch cook are whole grains, beans, & roasted vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, peppers). You are also able to prep your protein, just depends on your preference. This will allow you to use the same ingredients and switch up the meal to a wrap, quesadilla, or salad.

  • Do not disregard snacks! Whether you go into the office, work for home, or on your off days preparing snacks can be very beneficial. You can cut up veggies and keep them in the refrigerator to dip in hummus for grab and go. You can also package up nuts and popcorn and keep them in the cabinet as the first thing you see when you want something small to snack on.

Check out these pictures of ways to switch up meals and prepare snacks ahead!

Thinking of ways to make your life easier can start with these simple tips.

Contact me if you have any questions!

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