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Updated: Jun 15, 2018


Behind the cool workout gear, nonstop fitness posts, and constant motivation to get everyone to make healthier lifestyle choices there is a lot more to know about me! Yes, I started my fitness journey my freshman year of college but, I started my professional career in the health and fitness world five years ago.  My first job out of college was working with individuals over the age of 60 helping with balance, coordination, strength and social isolation. Down the road I went out to teach group and one on one exercise to educate seniors at an assisted living facility.

Within a year I moved to Charlotte, NC to work at a University, in which I thought I would be working with the younger population and instead found myself back with the elderly.  

It was such a blessing in disguise but I still did not want believe that they were going to be my focus group within my career. As I continued, I pursued opportunities to work with younger age groups but each opportunity brought me back to the senior population. After a while I stopped ignoring those signs.  I have so much fun connecting, hearing stories, and sharing my passion for fitness with older generations.

It is my passion to get those around me excited to stay active.

Outside of my career, I make it a priority to find time to do things I personally enjoy. Luckily my career is something I find great pleasure in, such as working out, so that’s always on the agenda.  Aside from that, number one on the list for me is down time! I think it is so important to find time for yourself and to make it a habit. It is one of the healthiest decisions you can make.

I journal a few times a week, cooking is very relaxing, and like to try new restaurants/coffee shops.

I believe mental health is just as important as physical health and should be part of the balance to stay healthy all around.

I love spending time and creating memories with my family and friends, traveling, and trying new things.

My newest adventure is teaching kickboxing and I’m so excited about how my journey is unfolding!

I feel I am just cracking the surface of fulfilling my life long passion to serve the community and bring health and fitness to the community in a new way.  Follow me as I continue to change lives one community at a time.

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