• Chelby Smith

Struggling with Weight?

Many of us wonder why is it so easy to gain weight but so hard to lose weight? As I have gone through my journey to a lifestyle of a balanced diet and exercise, I have discovered three main reasons that help with weight gaining issues.

1. Physically INACTIVE

How do we expect to lose weight when we sit at a desk all day at work, or come home from work and plop on the couch all evening binge watching our favorite show, or using all the new technology instead of getting extra steps in? We have to MOVE! The recommended amount of daily exercise is 30 minutes. We have to make it a priority to add physical activity in our daily lives. This could mean using half your lunch break to walk around your building at work or make it a family outing to walk around the block after dinner. Being active does not always mean having that expensive gym membership and cute workout outfits. My motto is to always keep it simple! You have to start somewhere and realize it is a lifelong journey.

2. TOO MANY Calories, and NO real hunger

First thing first, we have to be honest with ourselves. It’s understood that eating has turned into something we do for pleasure instead of the nutritional value behind it. We eat for entertainment, when it’s convenient, whenever food is being offered. But are we even hungry? It is important to be mindful and listen to your body to know when you are hungry. Eating until you are past full or pilling up our plates just adds in more calories than we need on a daily. Add in nutrient dense foods to keep you full longer without feeling the need to eat a large consumption of empty calories.

3. Cheap Quality

Lots of our food choices are now processed. Loaded with chemicals that cause more harm than we can even imagine. One huge factor that will always be an issue is, we are all busy! But can we even say we are too busy to take care of our body? We want on the go foods, something quick and easy, something that doesn’t require time and effort which in return means cheaply made and not much nutritional value. On the go usually means, drive through windows, picking up food on the way home, getting food delivered on a Friday night. The high demands in these types of food mean more genetically modified ingredients to have a mass production. Think twice about what you put inside your body, you don’t want to cause damage with cheap products.

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